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A winter scene in the Dales. Looking towards Ingleborough from Sulber Nick. Climbs of Ingleborough start from Horton or Ribblehead. We run these walks throughout the year.

Wharton Hall in the valley visited on walks from Kirkby Stephen. A favourite venue for many easier walks.




Walking Holidays 2015


27 to 30 March 2015 Seahouses (Northumberland) 3 nights
at the Bamburgh Castle Hotel
14 to 21 June 2015 Antrim (Northern Ireland) 7 nights
at the Dunadry Hotel
4 to 6 September 2015

Castleton, Losehill Hall (Derbyshire) 2 nights
at the YHA Hostel

9 to 12 October 2015 Patterdale (Lake District) 3 nights
at the Patterdale Hotel


Seahouses (Northumberland) - 27 to 30 March 2015

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Lawrence of Arabia Visits Seahouses

Saturday. It was raining. The "Power Walkers" and the "Mods" had disembarked from the coach leaving the Amblers to wander off the coach at their leisure. It was disappointing that there was no coffee shop in Embleton but we sauntered along the coastal path where we met a chatty lady pushing a wheelbarrow full of household goods! She was on her way to the family's beach hut which had had to be cleared of all possessions for the winter to avoid the local mice population taking up residence. Coffee was had in a bird hide with illustrations of the various wild fowl, a visitors' book and a bench (luxury). We signed the visitors' book and recorded the birdlife we thought we'd seen in the book. By the time we emerged the rain had stopped and the sun was shining although it was now very windy. At Low Newton there was a tiny pub called The Ship Inn with a micro-brewery. In spite of the excellent beer to be had, I had tea. It was the "in" place to be on a Saturday but dogs along with fancy wellies seemed to be compulsory. The Mods met us and after an exchange of pleasantries, we set off. On reaching the beach, the sand was being whipped up and we were in the midst of a sandstorm. I looked in vain for Lawrence of Arabia on his bike or on his camel or on a horse to rescue me but alas he did not appear. (Peter O'Toole in his youth was a bit of a dish!) By the time we reached Seahouses, I decided to cancel my weekend at the Spa as I had already had my seaweed wrap and rejuvenating facial courtesy of the sand. Lunch was had in the sand dunes and the Mods arrived. We left. The Mods arrived again when we stopped to admire the view. This was now the third time that we had overtaken them. Surely the Amblers were not walking faster than the Mods?
An Absentee "C" Walker

Report by Barbara N

Antrim (Northern Ireland) - 14 to 21 June 2015

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The Diary of a C Walker in Northern Ireland

Sunday - 36 dreary-eyed FDR walkers clambered onto a coach at 6 30 am (!) and headed off to Northern Ireland. It was a 12 hour journey by coach and ferry and I had more drugs in me to prevent seasickness than a defendant attending a Drugs Court.

The walks on the Monday were the Nine Glens. The Power Walkers shot off, followed by the Mods and then the Amblers. TheAmblers wandered along a road where a volunteer of the Nine Glens had seen us walking and followed us along the road to hand out leaflets about the area. We ambled through moorland and on to a forest finally reaching the pub-cum-club in Cargan. Here I found out that a Mod had had a nasty fall which required the use of my extensive first aid kit bought at vast expense. I was only too pleased I could help. I later found out over dinner that we had sufficient retired medical staff in the group to set up a field hospital.

Tuesday was the day I had been waiting for - Giants Causeway along the Coastal Path. We all walked along the path over a varying distance. However, all had to encounter the "hole in the cliff" which was approached over leg-breaking boulders on the beach. The Amblers stopped for coffee (we hadn't even started!) to discuss the assault course. Maps were consulted and it was agreed that none of us wanted to be air lifted to the nearest hospital and so we walked along the road picking up at the path at Dunseveririck Castle. We missed an interesting tiny church, St Gobbans, set in the cliffs because we had chickened out of the assault course. The views from the path were magnificent. Giants Causeway is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and I know from my geography days (yes I could read a map and yes I do have an A Level in Geography) it is caused by volcanic activity millions of years ago resulting in the molten lava setting in basalt columns. From the cliff top the Causeway was covered with what looked like "ants" but turned out to be people, mainly Chinese/Japanese all with selfie sticks!

Wednesday was a day off and I went to Belfast for the day as did several others.

Thursday was climb a mountain day - Slieve Donard. I mutinied and took 3 others with me. My Mole informed me that I had made the right decision as it was not an easy climb. I had visions of them singing "Climb Every Mountain". The walk started with a long steady climb through woods, following a lovely river with quite deep rock pools in the woods and as it was a hot day I wondered if anyone had gone skinny dipping but my Mole was too discreet. It was rocky and steep at the top but visibility was good. Four (eight if you count the mutineers!) didn't make it to the top but we all made it to the pub or tea shop!
The mutineers did a little walk through Tollymore Forrest and planned to wander round the Arboretum on return. However, the walk included some steep gradients and turned out to be a moderate walk. That said, we had some fabulous views of Slieve Donard and the Mourne Mountains. Funnily enough the mutineers were last back!!

Friday was the Antrim Way and I decided it was a day of rest for me. My Mole reliably informed me that they were walking through bogs and she was unsuitably dressed in her sandals!! The ground was rough but the walk was well signposted which was useful if you haven't recce'd it. The Power Walkers did 15 miles and 2,000 ft of ascent. (I'm dizzy at the thought.) Over coffee they were attacked by midges! I didn't think "A" walkers had stops and they had invented the phrase "food to go". They spotted the Mods at Hightown Ridge and Agnew's Hill and met up with them on Robin Youngs hill. A satellite group shot off to climb an extra peak and unfortunately for them it rained. Everyone managed to finish in the pub in Cairncastle.

It struck me that Northern Ireland was very green with very friendly and welcoming people.
It was a good holiday, it didn't rain (apart from the last day on a selected few), the sun shone occasionally, the hotel was very comfortable and we all thank John for organising it and to Pat for dealing with the room bookings.

Report by Barbara N

Castleton, Losehill Hall (Derbyshire) 2 nights - 4 to 6 September 2015

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Patterdale (Lake District) - 9 to 12 October 2015

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