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past events
A winter scene in the Dales. Looking towards Ingleborough from Sulber Nick. Climbs of Ingleborough start from Horton or Ribblehead. We run these walks throughout the year.

Wharton Hall in the valley visited on walks from Kirkby Stephen. A favourite venue for many easier walks.



Coach Walks 2002

Fridaythorpe - Sunday 10 October 2002

The expected rain and wind did not materialise luckily and 'A' and 'C' parties debussed at Fridaythorpe to start their respective circular walks while 'B' party continued to Wharram Le Street.
The promise of two extra hills at the end of the walk if they were good spurred 'A' party up and down wolds, along dales to the lovely Saxon church at Great Givendale and then to the A166 where they were granted extra mileage and ascents. 'B' party visited the much-excavated site of Wharram Percy and then took the Wolds Way down through Thixendale, Bradeham Dale and Wayrham Dale to the A166. A pleasant field walk then brought them back to Fridaythorpe. Following the same initial track as the 'A' party and visiting Huggate, the 'C' party veered off just past Glebe Farm to make for Huggate Wold, across the A166 to join up, once again, with the 'A' party's final section. A good day was had by all. Thanks to all leaders and backups.

Diane E

Frodsham/Helsby - Sunday 17 November 2002

The weather prospect was not promising as we left Leeds but brightened throughout the day. 'A' party started with an improving vista of the chemical works across the River Weaver but soon gained the heights of Beacon Hill, Harrol Edge and Helsby Hill. Wales was unfortunately not visible but the varied countryside around made up for that. 'B' party struck off to the south, following the same path as the 'A' party initially but soon picking up the Sandstone Trail and then entering Delamere Forest. A fair bit of mud accumulated but did not interfere with anyone's pleasure. To their surprise 'C' party did 10 miles but didn't seem to be too fazed at the end of it. Their walk took in Helsby Hill as well as quite a bit of mud, but all arrived safely in Frodsham to taste the varying delights on offer. Thanks to all leaders and their backups.

Diane E

Middleham/Masham - Sunday 15 December 2002

Anyone with half a brain would have stayed in bed once they had seen the weather, but a coachful of people rolled their way expectantly towards Wensleydale hoping that it would get better. It didn't. Yomping was the order of the day for 'A' party as they left East Witton to cross Braithwaite Moor in thick fog with the help of a GPS. Yomp followed yomp as did occasional paths through the heather and bracken. Eventually cows, sheep and fields emerged and the road to Masham gleamed in welcome. 'B' party chose a lower route to begin with, gathering mud as they went from Jervaulx up to East Witton and the edge of the moor. Undulations followed but were not too taxing and all came safely to Masham. 'C' party took Middleham as their starting point and followed the River Cover to East Witton from where they completed their circular tour back to Middleham and the waiting coach. Many thanks to the leaders especially those guiding 'A' party. It was not easy.

Diane E

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